Reconstituted Stone

Reconstructed stone is an artificial material that reproduces faithfully the natural appearance of stone, with the advantage of having a thicknesses and weight that allow to obtain an easier and lighter product that can be used in various environments, both indoor and outdoor. It has the advantage too of being installed on different surfaces as well such as cement, plasterboards, wooden walls etc and even on surfaces where natural stone normally encounters laying difficulties.

This type of stone is defined as reconstructed due to the process from which it is obtained: starting from raw materials, as waste of natural stones, a mixture is developed that with the aid of cement as a binder, it is poured into moulds shaped from real natural stones, thus allowing a faithful reproduction.

Not all reconstructed stone products are environmentally friendly materials. Often one associates a product derived from natural raw materials as eco-friendly but it is not so! We must be careful about what is often declared incorrectly as sustainable.

Natural stone is not an ecological product. It might seem to be a contradiction but if we assume that ecological or environmentally friendly materials by nature should not “damage” or “ruin” the environment, then automatically, to the amazement of many, natural stone is exactly the opposite of an eco-friendly product.

So why is Biopietra a reconstructed stone certified for Green Building? Here it is explained in a few but clear points:

Our products are the only stone claddings certified for Green Building available on the market.

Download our certifications issued by accredited official parties.

Our guarantee of quality of information.

Biopietra manufactures in Italy certified materials for Green Building, eco-friendly and not harmful to health, since 1998. Beware of false statements not supported by certificates of accredited parties, verifiable by simple research on the web.