Biopietra®’s products are tested by external laboratories and institutions and are certified by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) and controlled by ANAB (National Association for Bio-ecological Architecture) Biopietra® is a member of Green Building Council; its products give credits to projects that contribute to obtaining the international LEED certification (Credit: MR 2, MR 3, MR 4, MR 5, QI 4.3, QI 3 IP1, IP2) for Green Building and is 100% Made in Italy.


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CE Marking

Our products are prepared according to UNI EN 771-5: 2015 norms and are accompanied by the relevant Performance Statement (DOP):


Dimensional Test according to UNI EN 771-5

Compression strength according to UNI EN 771-5

Flexural strength after freeze-thaw cycles UNI EN 771-5

Humidity expansion Test according to UNI EN 771-5

Water absorption Test according to UNI EN 771-5


Certificate of conformity

Certificate of Attestation

Laboratory testing