Bio Easy Thermal Insulation System


During the last few years, the construction industry has undergone a quick and continuous evolution dictated by new national and international regulations, a greater energy efficiency awareness for housing and the development of culture awareness for healthier living spaces and a cleaner environment. BIOPIETRA®, thanks to its certifications and specific characteristics, is more frequently required for applications on thermal insulations of external walls. Features such as mechanical strength, acoustic response, the ability to diffuse water vapour, ease of installation and its certifications have contributed to make BIOPIETRA® effective and efficient for exterior insulations and finishing systems guaranteeing quality and durability in time.

Major manufacturers of wooden prefabricated houses use BIOPIETRA® because of its qualities and warranty. Bio stone veneer which after a series of tests carried out directly by the prefabricators, has been considered to be the only stone to have characteristics of permeability to water vapour considered to be appropriate to wooden constructions. The measurement index in fact is equal to μ 20, for both Biopietra® stones and Eco-koll adhesive. In collaboration with leading companies specialized in the thermal insulation industry, specific laboratory tests and trials on site have been carried out to develop and design multiple types of projects. Achievements, which allow us today to offer the market the best insulation solutions available on which to apply BIOPIETRA® bio stones.


The evolution


We started off from the idea of wanting to improve the exterior insulation and finishing system by increasing its performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Biopietra®’s material has been proven to be the ideal finishing compared to the traditional exterior insulation systems.

What is it

With the bio easy thermal system the insulating layer panel which is subject to bad weather becomes an integral part of the wall system: like the bark of a tree biopietra® protects the other underlying layers forming the bio easy thermal insulation system.


Biopietra® wall façade stone cladding guarantees the improvement of the aesthetics of the building and multiplies the solutions of architectural design granting maximum freedom of expression, coupled together with the energy efficiency of the thermal insulation assigned to the other layers of the wall.


Biopietra® BIO Easy Thermal Insulation System is the response to any type of concept design thanks to the variety of shades and colours available in the catalogue, the possibility of studying tailored finishes upon the customer’s demand and the availability of special pieces.


The absence of harmful emissions makes biopietra® stone ideal for internal and external cladding for any type of construction protecting both health and the environment. biopietra® is certified for the green building industry.


By laying BIopietra® stone veneer on the external insulation system, an extra layer is added on the building which can further break the sound wave following the physical principle of the ass-spring model. The high external surface mass determines a first major noise abatement.


The heat irradiated by the sun is blocked by BIOPIETRA® stone veneer. During the summer it improves the sun protection by lowering the value of the periodic thermal transmittance (Yie) of the wall. The transmission of the thermal wave caused by the sun, from outside to inside, is screened by increasing the hours of phase shift. The natural irregularity of Biopietra® produces a micro-shading which is useful to the risk reduction of the overheating of the wall.


Laying the exterior insulation finishing system with BIOPIETRA® stones means benefitting from a completely fireproof outer surface. Biopietra® protects the underlying insulating layers.


Generally, the traditional external insulation finishing system is protected only by a reinforced covering with paint or other products with a typical thickness of 3 mm. With the installation of BIOPIETRA® stone veneer, a highly resistant covering is obtained which varies from 25 to 60 mm, depending on the models and is also resistant to compression.


BIOPIETRA® is immune to atmospheric agents such as: UV rays, (cause of the deterioration of the traditionally used paintings and coverings of the exterior insulation systems); freeze and thaw cycles, (cause of cracks and peeling of the coverings of the facade); hail, (cause of damages to the walls).
It enables vapour diffusion, allowing the wall to expel any eventual moisture in transit towards the outside. Suitably treated with BIOFIN, it prevents the formation of algae on the surface.



The ability to install it on different insulation materials (EPS, mineral wool, cork …) makes it flexible to the different needs both of design and of the client. The high quality of the material requires an equally high attention and care during the various stages of installation. The attention to detail ensures high durability in time.