Total white

Biopietra®’s White and Quartz colour stones are made with the highest quality certified raw materials which contribute to obtaining a colour called “absolute white”, that is an extremely pure colour, with no changes in colour on adjacent tones and entrapments of any other materials that alter the optimal light refraction.

The most evident feature at a visual level of the “absolute white” surface is its relationship with light: the pure colour and geometry of the stones can reach unparalleled results; the surfaces in White and Quartz do not absorb light but reflect it uniformly in all directions.

The walls laid with Biopietra® in White and Quartz colours return the external light in a diffused and homogeneous manner, that enters into an environment perceptually expanding its size.

This means that in an environment where there is at least one wall laid with a product in White and Quartz will result, with equal number of light points installed, much brighter compared to an environment with traditional claddings and colours.


Here below we report a case study analysis according to UNI EN 12464 norms for measuring the index of lighting performance and light refraction within a domestic environment drawn in plan (Demo 2 and 3). On two walls (P1 and P2) of 6x3m size and lit by 3 wall lamps (A1, A2, A3) Biopietra® Living Collection Quartz colour stone has been installed (Demo 3) and has then been compared with the same environment without Biopietra® stone (Demo 2); using a simulation software for lighting studies, the average illuminance on the walls has been calculated before and after the intervention.

Ambiente senza rivestimento Biopietra®

Ambiente dopo l’applicazione di un rivestimento Biopietra® nel colore Quarzo

The enhancement on the light distribution can be deduced from the analysis of the lighting zones that appear to be predominant towards the low lighting index in Demo 2, while they move towards a high lighting index in Demo 3 confirming the validity of the colour Quartz or White.

The field of adaptability of Biopietra® stone in White and Quartz is very large and the benefits are present in all the case studies: using Biopietra® in the colours White and Quartz on walls equals less need for installed energy (with the same lighting ) on average, with a reduction from 25% to 30% of energy consumption. Therefore, an environment with little light and perhaps with classic furniture in dark tones will return to new life with Biopietra® stone décor in the colors White and Quartz.

The lower the light absorbed by the walls, the smaller will be the need for lighting with consequent energy saving.