Energy Efficiency Building and Biocompatibility

The Bio-home that extends our lives

Man lives in a system consisting of four skins: the first skin is the dermis, which protects our body from the outside world. 

The second skin is the clothing which protects the dermis.

The third skin is our home, the habitat that surrounds us, cuddles us and protects us from the outside world. The fourth skin is the environment, which is exactly where We begin and our house ends: it is the earth, the sun and the air that we breathe.

How do we therefore recover that naturalness, that balance between living and living, which now seems to be so compromised?

One of the answers is given by the choice of bio-environments in which we breathe, sleep, eat, work and in which we raise our children. This practically means choosing organic materials, bio-stone for our environments, such as Biopietra ® that can be used in our kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, outside areas of our homes, etc. 

Biopietra ® is breathable and eco friendly certified.