Bergamo Beige Credaro – Tradition Collection

Biopietra Bergamo a rustic traditional line that makes antique values come to life and satisfies the needs of modern surfaces.

Skilfully balanced irregularity and asymmetry  are the characteristics of this seductive and informal solution.

See our Biopietra’s Bergamo Collection here.


Biopietra Roccia, Tradition Collection

Biopietra Roccia, a traditional line that express a welcome, a sense of security and stability. Roccia cladding perfectly matches with the Mediterranean tradition: a stone of unique design that makes antique values come to life and satisfies the needs of modern surfaces.

A balance that manifests itself with shades that will make your environment a hospitable and cozy place.

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Scaglia Montebello – Tradition Collection

Biopietra Scaglia Montebello is a cladding from the Biopietra Tradition Collection, suitable for exclusive and refined results. 

A new eco friendly stone concept: cleanly cut, with a great personality and modern colours, elegance and originality.


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Listello Toscana Beige – Tradition Collection

Listello Toscana brick slip is one of the best examples of cladding versatility and is suitable either for elegant residential solutions with a Mediterranean atmosphere or for large buildings or public settings. 

An extremely elegant ecological stone that protects human health and that of the environment. Like all Biopietra products, it has the ability to combine ethics and aesthetics.

Biopietra is able to manufacture specific colours on request in order to satisfy landscape requirements and particular decorative needs to insert harmoniously into the surrounding landscape.

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Listello Mattone Antico – Tradition Collection

Listello Mattone Antico is brick cladding from the Biopietra Tradition Collection, ideal solution to make your environment unique

Irregularity and diversity are the characteristics of this solution which express all the beauty of handcrafted furnishings.



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Biopietra would like to inform you that from 31st January till 3rd February 2024 we will be present at the Klimahouse Exhibition, the International Event specialized in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Construction.

Biopietra‘s staff will be waiting for you at Pavilion AB, STAND B11/08 and will be happy to show you the latest innovations in our ecological and certified stone for green building.


Biopietra means a constant commitment to the manufacturing of eco-sustainable products having beneficial effects on humans and the surrounding environment. 

Our stone is a reconstructed stone that is at the very basis of sustainable architecture. Biopietra is committed to the production of architectural stone for “conscious constructionthat focuses on Circular Economy. 
By clicking on the link below you can read a very interesting article about our company, written by Golfarelli Editore.

Key topics addressed within the article are: the union of ethics and aesthetics, and the Industry 4.0 Program

We are pleased to inform you that the free download of the BIM textures of our products is now available.

For further information and in order to download the textures, we suggest you to read our article on the subject at the end of which you will find the download.