Here we are! After months of work on the project, the Virtual Tuor of our showroom has finally been created. Born in full block of activities in 2020, we did not stop, on the contrary, we focused on the new technologies that will accompany us in the near future.

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Biopietra’s CEO Mauro Maffizzoli was invited to speak at GreenBiz Tv Programme to explain the virtuous and model of excellence in manufacturing Biopietra reconstructed stone with CE Marking produced in Italy according to an Industry 4.0 production process by using only eco-sustainable and certified raw materials.



“Green building applies criteria in order to obtain a healthy, natural, sustainable living environment, attractive building materials and forms of environments in addition to ecological, economic and social aspects.”


This is the original idea that could be considered for any green building. ANAB (Italian National Association for Green Building) has provided a translation into Italian of the 25 principles of Green Building of the German IBN (Institut für Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit IBN – Rosenheim) institute which has set the objective of putting an extended decalogue so that ecological certifications can be achieved effectively.







The 25 points are subdivided into 5 large equally important macro-topics which should be given the appropriate attention, interacting in a way that optimises their application in a specific individual situation.

Biopietra S.r.l. is committed to observing these principles. All our solutions are ecological and have been developed for the wellbeing of clients. They are produced with eco-compatible materials certified for green building and always with a view to aesthetics and innovation.




Biopietra wins the award for Italian excellence

“Leadership in Business and Sustainability”

GBC Italia Awards 2018




Biopietra S.r.l. will be exhibiting at the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings (Cersaie) which will be held in Bologna from 23rd to 27th September. You will find us in the special exhibiting area “DNA Made in Italy, design and architecture” in pavilion 21, stand A91-B102.

We will take this opportunity to tell you more about our eco-friendly cast stone cladding made of materials that do not spoil the environment and do not represent a health risk.

Biopietra wins the award for Italian Excellence

“Leadership in Business and Sustainability”

GBC Italia Awards 2018

Nella logica dell’economia circolare, i materiali usati nelle lavorazioni vengono poi reimmessi nella filiera produttiva per essere riutilizzati, al fine di ridurre al minimo gli sprechi.

Uno dei settori dove si concentrano maggiormente gli sforzi per cercare di ridurre questi dispendi di materie è sicuramente l’edilizia che genera ogni anno moltissimi rifiuti voluminosi difficili da smaltire. Per questo motivo, la bioedilizia sta procedendo verso una continua ricerca di nuovi materiali che riutilizzino il  più possibile le risorse già sfruttate, mediante processi biotecnologici e riducendo anche gli impatti ambientali e le emissioni di CO2.

Biopietra S.r.l. è al centro di questo progetto. La nostra pietra prodotta in Italia, è certificata per la bioedilizia, è salutare sia per l’uomo che per l’ambiente ed è garantita 50 anni. Il materiale usato per la realizzazione della nostra pietra è al 100 % ecologico e certificato. Ciò significa inoltre che non si utilizzano prodotti chimici o derivati all’interno della miscela per la realizzazione di tutti i nostri prodotti. Ad esempio la colorazione non avviene tramite vernici chimiche o “pennellate” in superficie, bensì attraverso il procedimento di colorazione in massa, che ne garantisce l’inalterabilità del colore agli agenti atmosferici e al passare del tempo.

La vostra salute e la salvaguardia dell’ambiente sono valori imprescindibili per Biopietra che da tempo si impegna per promuovere, innovando, la cultura della sostenibilità nel mercato dell’edilizia.


Biopietra vince il premio per le eccellenze italiane

“Leadership in Impresa e Sostenibilità”

GBC Italia Awards 2018





Biopietra S.r.l. has always sought for new inspiration that can make people’s desires a reality and it is for this reason that we have prepared a new collection based on different shades. Inspiration comes from nature and the desire to offer the sensations and positive feelings that these create in your homes using colours chosen for their ability to induce wellbeing and peace.



Stay tuned to us in the social networks and our internet site to find out about our new shades which will be explained thoroughly over the next few months and to keep up to date with all the news regarding the world of Biopietra and green architecture.


Biopietra wins the award for Italian excellence

“Leadership in Business and Sustainability”

GBC Italia Awards 2018

Biopietra is proud to announce that you can find brand new products from Pietraviva Collection on our website as well.

These new Ceramic & Porcelain Gres floor and wall tiles come from Biopietra’s experience and complete the existing range of products.

Amalfitano, Fiorentino, Natura and Listoni Legno, available in different sizes, recreate stone and wooden colours and features thank to the innovative digital technology making Pietraviva an excellent choice for those looking for the reliability of ceramics together with the ecological spirit of Biopietra.

Discover them now in the Floor and Wall sections!



We have just opened our new section “Work in Progress”!

What is it about
A new gallery with brand new photos taken during the installation of Biopietra cladding. The images show the building sites of houses, restaurants, hotels and interiors where our products have been installed. Our customers – just like us – decided to follow the Green Building philosophy.

To share our latest projects with you. In this gallery we show how easy it is to install our cast stone claddings and the aesthetical value they add to your projects.

Work in Progress Gallery

Would you like to post your pics of Biopietra?
PM or email us, we will be glad to share your photos on our website and social media!

During the last past few weeks, we have been working hard on our website, migrating it onto a more powerful server and ensuring it with a SSL certificate.

What changes?

For us, these are essential improvements that will help our website management.

Users will navigate on a faster, safer and more optimized website, which will soon show some innovations – such as the side menù, recently implemented in the Italian and English version.

New contents about Biopietra’s world are being developed and are ready to be launched: soon, you will hear important news on our future projects, on our certifications and on technical support regarding the installation of our ecofriendly stone cladding.