Biopietra is proud to announce that you can find brand new products from Pietraviva Collection on our website as well.

These new Ceramic & Porcelain Gres floor and wall tiles come from Biopietra’s experience and complete the existing range of products.

Amalfitano, Fiorentino, Natura and Listoni Legno, available in different sizes, recreate stone and wooden colours and features thank to the innovative digital technology making Pietraviva an excellent choice for those looking for the reliability of ceramics together with the ecological spirit of Biopietra.

Discover them now in the Floor and Wall sections!



We have just opened our new section “Work in Progress”!

What is it about
A new gallery with brand new photos taken during the installation of Biopietra cladding. The images show the building sites of houses, restaurants, hotels and interiors where our products have been installed. Our customers – just like us – decided to follow the Green Building philosophy.

To share our latest projects with you. In this gallery we show how easy it is to install our cast stone claddings and the aesthetical value they add to your projects.

Work in Progress Gallery

Would you like to post your pics of Biopietra?
PM or email us, we will be glad to share your photos on our website and social media!

During the last past few weeks, we have been working hard on our website, migrating it onto a more powerful server and ensuring it with a SSL certificate.

What changes?

For us, these are essential improvements that will help our website management.

Users will navigate on a faster, safer and more optimized website, which will soon show some innovations – such as the side menù, recently implemented in the Italian and English version.

New contents about Biopietra’s world are being developed and are ready to be launched: soon, you will hear important news on our future projects, on our certifications and on technical support regarding the installation of our ecofriendly stone cladding.


We hereby would like to inform you that a new statutory data protection regulation will come into force on May 25th 2018. It is known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have always processed your data lawfully and will continue doing so, aware of everyone’s right to receive relevant information.

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Biopietra is proud of the results obtained in 2017 in terms of energy saving and reduction of environmental impact. Less CO2 released in the air and more trees granting life!


In 2017 Biopietra has emitted 22 ton less of CO2 compared to 2016!

An extraordinary result that is due to lots of hard work in the past: for over many years, in fact, Biopietra’s mission has been that of safeguarding our Planet. The technological innovation of robots, together with an optimization of the use of energetic resources, have enabled Biopietra to considerably decrease the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), following the principles of Kyoto Protocol and responsibly working against Climate Change.

Want to know more? Read the data analysis.



Biopietra is a green certified industry at the forefront of production technology
Biopietra’s products combine together the attention towards the environment with a highly-automated production site; the production cycle is optimized for energy consumption, reducing as much as possible the impact and use of materials. Manufacturing by safeguarding the environment, creating the perfect balance between economical value and the protection of our Planet. This is Biopietra’s mission.
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Celebrated at the Politecnico of Milan one of the most important events of the Green Industry
As a leading company in the Green Building Industry, Biopietra proudly participated at the Green Building Council Awards 2017, hosted at the Politecnico of Milan. GBC Italy is a non profit organization actively working in the promotion of the environmental-friendly building industry, supporting sustainable buildings and caring for human health: Biopietra’s activities were approved by GBC Italy network, highlighting our dedication to the eco-friendly building industry.

Logo GBC Italia

GBC Italia Awards 2017

The World Health Organization warns that Radon and VOC are high risk elements for our health.

indoor air pollution

For over many years, Biopietra’s mission has been green and low environmental impact. Biopietra’s products are ecofriendly and highly certified: the absence of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and radioactive gas Radon is guaranteed.

Recent studies carried out by World Health Organization on indoor pollution have pictured a quite complicated situation. Man is exposed daily to chemical compounds considered harmful and slowly released by furniture or household appliances (such as radiators and fluorescent lights), paints used on plastic or wood, smoke emissions from traditional heating systems and detergents. Even building materials are high risk elements: asbestos (on rooftops), lead (used to reinforce basements and also used for hydraulic pipelines) and natural stone extracted from quarries (for internal and external cladding).