Biopietra means a constant commitment to the manufacturing of eco-sustainable products having beneficial effects on humans and the surrounding environment. 

Our stone is a reconstructed stone that is at the very basis of sustainable architecture. Biopietra is committed to the production of architectural stone for “conscious constructionthat focuses on Circular Economy. 
By clicking on the link below you can read a very interesting article about our company, written by Golfarelli Editore.

Key topics addressed within the article are: the union of ethics and aesthetics, and the Industry 4.0 Program

We are pleased to inform you that the free download of the BIM textures of our products is now available.

For further information and in order to download the textures, we suggest you to read our article on the subject at the end of which you will find the download. 


The purpose of the initiative was to inform and raise awareness on a theme of fundamental importance: our future.

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Biopietra is a sustainable company, which uses pioneering technology and recycled and renewable raw material, preserving the environment and safeguarding health.

Our stone claddings are ecological, certified for the Green Building Industry and proudly Made in Italy, always accompanied by CE marking and Declaration of Performance.

The article outlines the exciting new project that has just recently been accomplished and has so become a reality that we are very proud to share with you: a resort with a wine cellar on the beautiful hills of Varignana, Italy that entirely blends in with nature and its surroundings.

Why was Biopietra chosen for such a prestigious and unique project?

Biopietra was chosen by the designer to create specific choreographies, which perfectly imitate the old bricks and stones of this typical landscape. An environment where past and present come together in an architectural union, effectively interpreting the concept that combines sustainability, design and comfort.

The element that makes the difference is that Biopietra is sustainable and manufactures materials that protect the environment and human health, offering the public an entire package based on the principle of healthiness and ecology.

Biopietra claddings give the environment an elegant, traditional and cosy tyle thanks to the lightly shaded bio architectural stones, that perfectly integrate with the surrounding natural environment.



The external wall is made up of the Mix Castel San Pietro, specifically made and tailor made to the requirements of the architect for this unique project.

The wine cellar is covered with Biopietra Listello Toscana Rosso Vintage, which you can find in the Traditional Stone Claddings Collection


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Biopietra will be exhibiting at MADE EXPO 2021 in Milan from 22nd to 25th November.

A perfect opportunity to get to know and touch the quality of our Made in Italy reconstructed stone products and certified for Green Building.

We will also be happy to show you our “VR – virtual reality” viewer, which will be the sales tool for the future.

You will find us at Hall 2P, Stand K11 – K13.

Please click on the following link to get your tickets.

Here we are! After months of work on the project, the Virtual Tuor of our showroom has finally been created. Born in full block of activities in 2020, we did not stop, on the contrary, we focused on the new technologies that will accompany us in the near future.

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Biopietra’s CEO Mauro Maffizzoli was invited to speak at GreenBiz Tv Programme to explain the virtuous and model of excellence in manufacturing Biopietra reconstructed stone with CE Marking produced in Italy according to an Industry 4.0 production process by using only eco-sustainable and certified raw materials.



“Green building applies criteria in order to obtain a healthy, natural, sustainable living environment, attractive building materials and forms of environments in addition to ecological, economic and social aspects.”


This is the original idea that could be considered for any green building. ANAB (Italian National Association for Green Building) has provided a translation into Italian of the 25 principles of Green Building of the German IBN (Institut für Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit IBN – Rosenheim) institute which has set the objective of putting an extended decalogue so that ecological certifications can be achieved effectively.







The 25 points are subdivided into 5 large equally important macro-topics which should be given the appropriate attention, interacting in a way that optimises their application in a specific individual situation.

Biopietra S.r.l. is committed to observing these principles. All our solutions are ecological and have been developed for the wellbeing of clients. They are produced with eco-compatible materials certified for green building and always with a view to aesthetics and innovation.




Biopietra wins the award for Italian excellence

“Leadership in Business and Sustainability”

GBC Italia Awards 2018




Biopietra S.r.l. will be exhibiting at the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings (Cersaie) which will be held in Bologna from 23rd to 27th September. You will find us in the special exhibiting area “DNA Made in Italy, design and architecture” in pavilion 21, stand A91-B102.

We will take this opportunity to tell you more about our eco-friendly cast stone cladding made of materials that do not spoil the environment and do not represent a health risk.

Biopietra wins the award for Italian Excellence

“Leadership in Business and Sustainability”

GBC Italia Awards 2018