Greenwashing vs Certifications

Greenwashing is unfortunately a very widespread phenomenon especially since the topic of ecology has become increasingly important in construction. 
Greenwashing is the process of conveying misleading information concerning environmentally friendly products and indicates the communication strategy aimed at building a deceptively positive self-image in terms of environmental impact, in order to divert the attention of the public opinion from the negative effects on the environment due to its activities or products, which was established as early as the seventies. 
This is why it is not enough to trust those who claim to be a virtuous company from a point of view of sustainability or to have an eco-sustainable product without providing proof, not just words, that validate such statements. 
Biopietra has always provided certifications to prove its real commitment to sustainability. Today we have decided to “raise the bar” with an even more prestigious system and product certifications. 

Biopietra has started the process for the voluntary EU Ecolabel certification of its Environmental Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 regulations and validation of the Environmental Declaration pursuant to the EMAS V Regulation: EGVO 2026/2018. 
Biopietra® is a member of the Green Building Council Italy: its products confer credits to projects that contribute to obtaining the international LEEcertification (Credits: MR 2, MR 3, MR 4, MR 5, QI 4.3, QI 3 IP1, IP2) for Bio-architecture. Furthermore, it is an entirely Made in Italy product.Certificazioni



CE Marking

Our products are manufactured by following the requirements of the UNI EN 771-5: 2015 standard and are accompanied by the relative Declaration of Performance (DOP):

  • Technological tests (UNI EN 771-5: 2015 dimensions) 
  • Technological tests (compression UNI EN 771-5: 2015) 
  • Technological tests (freeze-thaw UNI EN 771-5: 2015)  
  • Technological tests (humidity expansion UNI EN 771-5: 2015) 
  • Technological tests (water absorption UNI EN 771-5: 2015)


Certificate of conformity

Certificate of Attestation

Laboratory testing



The aggregates are pure and derived from primary processing waste according to the directives of Circular Economy, controlled according to the European Standards in force, therefore compliant with the relevant specifications and guaranteed by the CE marking, according to Directive 89/106 / EEC. 

  • UNI EN 1367-2 certification 
  • UNI EN 1367-4 certificatio 
  • UNI EN 1744-1 certification 
  • UNI EN ISO 9000 certification 
  • UNI EN ISO 9001 certification 
  • UNI EN 12620 certification 
  • UNI EN 13139 certification 
  • UNI EN 932-1 certification 
  • UNI EN 932-3 certification 
  • UNI EN 933-5 certificatio 
  • UNI EN 933-8 certification 
  • UNI EN 933-9 certification 
  • UNI EN 1097-2 certification 
  • UNI EN 1097-6 certification 
  • UNI EN 1367-1 certification 
The chemical-physical analyzes of the aggregates are carried out by an accredited laboratory, therefore complying with the requirements of the general regulation as well as with the applicable SINAL rules. 
This accreditation involves the verification of the technical competence of the laboratory in compliance with the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard. 



The dyes are produced using inorganic ferrous oxides, which guarantee an almost absolute inalterability of the colour. 
These dyes, supplied by the world leader in the sector, are produced with high technologies and follow extremely strict controls, perfectly in line with the reference directives that guarantee a long life over time:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001; 
  • UNI EN ISO 9002; 
  • UNI EN ISO 14001;  
  • Compliance with DIN 53388-54003: WOOL SCALE (degree of inalterability to light, from 1 to 8) = value 8;  
  • CISQ and IQNET certifications (The international Certification Network); 
  • ISO EN 12878: compliance with regulations for the use of dyes in the production cycle. 

Biopietra ®’s production cycle is at the forefront of the sector and highly technological. Always founded on the principles of industry 4.0, it guarantees, in addition to the traceability of products placed on the market, the security that raw materials are used in the same way for each product manufactured. Furthermore, having its own know-how, it is highly adaptable to the needs of using new raw materials that are fundamental for a circular economy.



The cements used in Biopietra’s production are the result of intense technological research, aimed at the production of materials that are able to offer the traditional performance and durability characteristics of cementitious binders, to which they add the aesthetic value of a constant white. and stable over time.

The kaolins and white limestones used for the production of cement are mineralogically pure. 

White cements have high mechanical strengths for this type of binder, a high level of whiteness (pure, intense and stable) and an unparalleled quality constancy. 

In addition, the specific heat treatment of the klinker ensures that cooking, which takes place by burning naphtha and / or methane (not coal) as fuel, reduces pollution.

The purity of the whiteness is guaranteed by the constant control of three parameters:

  • Brilliance: it is the specific characteristic of white binders. It is measured by comparing the reflectivity of a sample with that of a white standard. 
  • Purity: expresses the amount of color in the product. 
  • Dominant wavelength: identifies the hue of the chromatic nuance. 

The constant performance and the purity of the coloring guarantee an excellent result.