Biopietra®’s products are tested by external laboratories and institutions and are certified by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) and controlled by ANAB (National Association for Bio-ecological Architecture) Biopietra® is a member of Green Building Council; its products give credits to projects that contribute to obtaining the international LEED certification (Credit: MR 2, MR 3, MR 4, MR 5, QI 4.3, QI 3 IP1, IP2) for Green Building and is 100% Made in Italy.


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CE Marking

Our products are prepared according to UNI EN 771-5: 2015 norms and are accompanied by the relevant Performance Statement (DOP):


Dimensional Test according to UNI EN 771-5

Compression strength according to UNI EN 771-5

Flexural strength after freeze-thaw cycles UNI EN 771-5

Humidity expansion Test according to UNI EN 771-5

Water absorption Test according to UNI EN 771-5


Certificate of conformity

Certificate of Attestation

Laboratory testing



The sands are absolutely pure and checked according to the European Rules in force, therefore complying with the CE European standards, in compliance with the 89/106/CEE rules. 


  • UNI EN 1367-2 certification
  • UNI EN 1367-4 certification
  • UNI EN 1744-1 certification
  • UNI EN ISO 9000 certification
  • UNI EN ISO 9001 certification
  • UNI EN 12620 certification
  • UNI EN 13139 certification
  • UNI EN 932-1 certification
  • UNI EN 932-3 certification
  • UNI EN 933-5 certification
  • UNI EN 933-8 certification
  • UNI EN 933-9 certification
  • UNI EN 1097-2 certification
  • UNI EN 1097-6 certification
  • UNI EN 1367-1 certification
The physiochemical analysis of the aggregates are carried out by an accredited laboratory, therefore complying with the requirements of the General Regulation, as well as with the relative SINAL rules. This accreditation involves the control of the laboratory’s technical competence, in compliance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 rules.



The colour pigments are produced using inorganic ferrous oxides, which ensure an almost absolute colour fastness. 

These pigments, supplied by the world leader in the field, are produced using advanced technologies and are severely controlled, in compliance with the reference rules, which ensure an excellent durability over time: 

  • UNI EN ISO 9001;
  • UNI EN ISO 9002;
  • UNI EN ISO 14001;
  • In accordance with the DIN 53388-54003 rules: WOOLSCALE (lightfastness from 1 to 8) = 8;
  • CISQ e IQNET certifications (The international Certification Network);
  • ISO EN 12878: in compliance with the rules about the use of pigments in the production process.

Biopietra ®’s production cycle is in the forefront in its field. Thanks to the purity of the raw materials used, Biopietra ® is the only choice for ecofriendly and biobuilding projects. 



The types of cement used in Biopietra ® production are the result of a concentrated technical research, aimed at producing materials able to offer the traditional performance and durability properties of cementitious binders but, in addition, the aesthetic value of a whiteness that is unequalled, uniform and stable over time. 

The kaolins and the white limestones used to produce cement are mineralogically pure. 

The white cements possess high mechanical resistance for this type of binder, as well as a high level of whiteness (pure, brilliant and stable) and an incomparable quality stability. 

Moreover, due to the specific thermal treatment for klinker, its firing reduces the pollution, as burning oil and/or natural gas (rather than coal) are used. 

The purity of the whiteness is ensured by the constant checking of the following three factors:

  • Brilliance: this is the specific feature of white binders. It is measured by comparing the reflective power of a sample with that of a standard white.
  • Purity: expresses the quantity of colour in the product.
  • Dominant wavelength: identifies the shade of colour gradation.

The stability of the performance and the purity of the colour ensure an excellent result.