Today, “Green Building” is being rapidly adopted into the mainstream of building practice in both residential and commercial sectors. Building using ecofriendly, certified and non-toxic materials is becoming a priority for all those who want to renovate their house especially safeguarding health.

The choice of ecofriendly products is an investment in the quality of life for the present and for the future.

Biopietra® is the result of an innovative project for the production of environmentally friendly and biocompatible stone décor for indoor and outdoor use.

Biopietra® adds value to your home and has extraordinary decorative and quality features and is the only stone to be certified for bio-ecological architecture being as well a member of the Green Building Council; its products in fact give credits to projects that contribute to obtaining LEED certification for Green Building and is also 100% Made in Italy.

For over 35 years, Biopietra® has been researching for quality and signs an entirely Italian production that ensures the total absence of harmful emissions (VOCs, Radon, formaldehyde, resins and other harmful substances) protecting human and environmental health.

The company’s mission is to improve the quality of the environment in which we live daily, offering products that comply with the requirements established by the competent authorities such as the WHO and in harmony with human health, for this reason choosing Biopietra® means embracing an ecological cause combining ethics to aesthetics. Research and innovation inspire Biopietra®’s Collections. Biopietra®’s Team is always looking for new designs and architectural solutions for the décor of any type of environment aiming at improving and enhancing its value.

The environment in which we live influences our lives and everything we do; this is why it’s important to use Biopietra® stone products to make the rooms where we spend most of our time healthier.

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