Stone Walls

Stone walls give a feeling of elegance that never goes out of fashion. A natural material with timeless charm, with many colours and shades suitable for any type of architectural style. Used ever since to cover the facades of mountain houses, in recent years stone has made its appearance in contemporary spaces, with geometrical cuts and by decorating interior walls in the shades of white, confirming brightness and modernity to modern spaces. A choice of elegant and original furnishings, able to personalize every space thanks to the natural plasticity of the stone, to its exclusive aesthetics and the sense of warmth that it generates.

Smooth or rough, porous or polished, stone is always trendy and easy to insert into any context, as well as being a strong appeal to nature and its unique characteristics.

No longer simple divisions, walls go towards new frontiers, “dressing up” with the most varied materials, colours and shades with the aim of making homes cosier and more welcoming.

What are the technical advantages of stone? Certainly resistance, compactness and durability, in addition to fireproof, hygienic, non-toxic and eco-compatible properties. The exposed stone walls can thus have both a decorative function that transforms an anonymous corridor into a sensational space, and takes on a role of protection and security within our home.

Another point of strength is the ease of cleaning. The choice of detergent to be used must be made taking into account the type of stone and its finish. This material, although very resistant, is sensitive to acids and alkalis. The best solution is to avoid expensive products, which end up taking away the gloss on your walls, and instead simply choosing a mere wet cloth. In the case, however, of persistent stains the ideal would be to use the classic Marseille soap, which will degrease dirt without damaging the surface.

Biopietra offers coating solutions manufatured with eco-friendly materials and certificates for the bio-building sector, so as to furnish your home respecting the well-being of the environment and those who live there.