Technical Library

Experience accumulated over the years has contributed to the growth of knowledge regarding all technical aspects of the production system for the manufacturing of our products and for everything regarding the installation. High quality finishes and accessories ensure the perfect performance of our products once installed.

Our internal laboratory allows us to test new products, colours and blends that are then put into production by giving life to Biopietra’s unique products. By adapting to the needs of our customers and the different markets worlwide in which we operate, we can study and create new colours and products that meet the needs of our customers in the market in which they operate.

Thanks to all the research and testing we can address themes such as bio architecture, laying on outer coats, LEED certifications and all the basic aspects for a perfect and successful installation of Biopietra that guarantee our certifications.


Bio Easy Thermal Insulating System  – The Biopietra coat system increases performance in terms of efficiency and energy efficiency.

Important Information – For optimal aesthetic results

Laboratory Testing – All tests performed by third party laboratories on Biopietra

Total White – Lighting analysis of our colour “Absolute White”

LEED a 100% Clean World – Biopietra Environmental Consciousness

Stone walls – stone never goes out of fashion

Laying Instructions – For optimal laying results

F.A.Q. – All you have to know about Biopietra