What is BIM


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a digital process that allows the creation of three-dimensional models useful for the design of structures in the construction and civil field.

A BIM object also associates physical and technical information relating to the product to geometric information, for example: materials, dimensions, performance and /or energy requirements, connections with other components and installation methods, maintenance data, manufacturer data, link to the manufacturer’s website and / or to the technical data sheet, sustainability.

In recent years, BIM represents a real innovation as it allows architects, engineers and contractors to work faster and more efficiently in order to create a project defined in every part.

How does it work

The design with the use of BIM allows the creation of a digital clone of the building, containing all the information necessary for both the construction and subsequent maintenance and dismantling operations.

As a first step, the designer builds a three-dimensional model. Then the parametric values ​​are added that define the characteristics of the different parts of the work. At this point, graphically, you can manage the colours and textures. In the next phase, the other professionals involved as engineers and plant engineers come into play, carrying out their functions.

The use of the virtual model gives the possibility to all the professionals involved to check and correct any problems.

BIM advantages

What makes BIM a productive work tool is the ability to analyze and extrapolate project data.

Thanks to the BIM design model, design and production times are significantly reduced. The designers have the possibility to modify the parameters of the three-dimensional object without having to manually draw all the parts of the clone.

The various professional figures have the opportunity to work on the same model and at the same time in order to quickly solve the problems that arise.

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