The membership with the most important global Green Building Network continues

Biopietra and the Green Building Council Italy are working together to grow the sustainable building industry. GBC Italy is a non-profit organization, member of WGBC: World Green Building Council, promoting eco-friendly building and supporting citizens to an aware consumption of building materials. Many of Biopietra’s projects have been approved by GBC Italy, most of which have obtained LEED Credits.

Discover the LEED Credits!

A manufacturer that has obtained LEED Credits – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is a synonymous of Excellence: Biopietra, thanks to its original products, has obtained both global acknowledgments and boasts an international reputation. It has increased its global export and collaborates with the most prestigious architects and designers. LEED points out the attention towards sustainable buildings, integrated with the environment so unifying ethic together with aesthetics. Biopietra, in collaboration with GBC Italy, is paving the way to a better future for both Mankind and our Planet.

The LEED system goes beyond energy efficiency and also assesses:

site sustainability, efficient water management, design and innovation, materials and resources, indoor air quality.