The World Health Organization warns that Radon and VOC are high risk elements for our health.

indoor air pollution

For over many years, Biopietra’s mission has been green and low environmental impact. Biopietra’s products are ecofriendly and highly certified: the absence of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and radioactive gas Radon is guaranteed.

Recent studies carried out by World Health Organization on indoor pollution have pictured a quite complicated situation. Man is exposed daily to chemical compounds considered harmful and slowly released by furniture or household appliances (such as radiators and fluorescent lights), paints used on plastic or wood, smoke emissions from traditional heating systems and detergents. Even building materials are high risk elements: asbestos (on rooftops), lead (used to reinforce basements and also used for hydraulic pipelines) and natural stone extracted from quarries (for internal and external cladding).

Around 92% of the population lives in highly-polluted air zones, where pollution parameters exceed the minimum specified by WHO. In the particular case of indoor pollution, the radioactive gas Radon is indicated by WHO as one of the main causes of lung cancer (from 3 to 14%). The United Kingdom Public Health Department has created a useful website to track the presence of Radon all around the UK, giving valuable information about it (Everything you need to know about Radon).

Biopietra offers concrete and immediate solutions: our products are ecofriendly and certified. The absence of VOC and Radon emissions is guaranteed.

Chosing Biopietra means not only to buy a refined and high quality product, but also actively committing to protect your family’s health.

Chosing Biopietra means going towards the future, caring both for our Planet and Mankind.