Eco-Sustainable House

The concept of sustainability is based on Herman Daly’s theories, professor of economics at the University of Maryland, according to which the use of renewable resources must gradually replace non-renewable ones without exceeding their regeneration rate, the emission of pollutants in the environment, too and it must not exceed the ability of the environment to metabolize them.


To build an eco-friendly home you have to consider the choice of natural materials, energy efficiency, reduced consumption and the use of renewable sources. His project aims to safeguard the environmental impact and limit pollution, it must therefore be taken into consideration by industry experts who can advise on the best techniques, whether it is to re-qualify existing ones or to build a new home.


The choice of materials becomes a priority and falls onto the eco-friendly ones with benefits both for people and the environment. A valid and concrete response is our bio-stone “Bio-pietra”, a certified product that respects the environment, man and health, through guaranteed materials, placed in a controlled cycle and periodically monitored. Nowadays it is preferred to use ecofriendly stone elements rather then ruining the environment by quarrying stone, or to use glass instead of zircons or natural-based coatings instead of metal elements.


When it comes to renewable energies today one tends to pair PV with solar thermal to heat domestic water, new generation techniques focus on installing batteries that can hold the energy produced and release it when needed. With regard to the heating of new, eco-friendly houses, it is best to prefer a floor to ceiling installation, for cooling to prefer air / air or air / water heat pumps installed in air conditioners. Also important are the interior fixtures, fixtures, and interior and exterior linings that help isolate the house and maintain the ideal temperature inside the home.


All of Biopietra’s solutions are eco-friendly and designed for the well-being of their customers, they are produced with eco-friendly materials and certified for bio-building always keeping an eye on aesthetics and innovation.