Laboratory testing


According to the test referred to the reference standard EN 12572: Vapour permeability μ 20.

Absence of heavy metal pollution in water

According to UNI EN 12457-2/04 norm

Analysis for Volatile Organic Compounds

(VOC) according to UNI EN ISO 16000-9: 2006 + ISO 16000-6: 2011

Colour fastness to light

According to DIN 51094

Solar Reflection Index

According to ASTM E903-96 standards; ASTM G173-03 (2008); ASTM C1371-04a; ASTM E1980-98e1

Absence of radioactivity

According to UNI 10797:1999

Frost resistance

100 freezinf-thawing cycles, with the UNI EN ISO rules.



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