Biopietra VR

We’ve all probably heard of Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality or VR by now. We may have seen some commercials on TV showing VR headsets. So what is “Virtual Reality”? In a nutshell, it could be defined as a simulated reality, in practice a digital world where you are immersed wearing a VR viewer, sometimes also called with the term VR glasses.

Virtual reality projects the user in any place, allowing him to experience first-person adventures and experiences, breaking down geographical barriers and simulating any setting. In practice, virtual reality is a technology that allows you to develop VR apps that can totally immerse the user in a new world, in a new space, in a new time. Have you ever tried a VR app? It is probably one of the experiences that have remained in your mind the most in recent years, it leaves its mark, it leaves an emotion.

With Biopietra virtual reality you are projected inside a virtually reconstructed building, in particular as a first experience you will find yourself in the external environment at the entrance of a contemporary house, after an introductory video, where the first elements are immediately provided for use the graphical interface. In each environment, the user will have a menu where you can activate the product catalog and choose one at will that will materialize on portions of the wall to see the aesthetic effect applied. For a better immersed experience, the user will have an audio guide available that will list the characteristics of the product with respect to the environment in which it is located and the added value it gives.

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Biopietra VR