Multidisciplinary approach to Bioarchitecture

Many people still believe that choosing their own home is one of the most important decisions for a person and for a family.

Our shelter, memory of the maternal womb … is also the place where to grow a family and where to welcome  friends, by personalizing and transforming the spaces in function of ones needs.

The choice of materials to make our home becomes therefore a priority, aimed at the general well-being of those who live in it.


The house is the only environment where to regenerate oneself.

“The benefits are surely many – explains Prof. Emilio Saccani, professor of Petrography at the University of Ferrara – first of all, the awareness of choosing eco-compatible materials, with the utmost respect for nature. Another important benefit lies in the choice of materials that have undoubtedly benefits to people’s health as they are designed for this purpose. Finally, the production techniques of the bio stones allow to create aesthetically pleasing products, in many cases even better than traditional materials. This fact is not secondary, aesthetics has a significant influence on the quality of life. “