From natural stone to ecofriendly stone

Stone walls: elegance that never goes out of fashion

Stone is a natural material with timeless charm and with many colours and shades. It is suitable for any type of architectural style and it has been used ever since to cover mountain houses façades, in recent times it has made its appearance in contemporary spaces, with geometrical cuts and on indoor walls in the shades of white, conveying brightness and modernity to modern spaces. A choice of elegant and original furnishings, able to personalize every space thanks to the natural plasticity of the stone, to its exclusive aesthetics and the sense of warmth that it generates.

Smooth or rough, porous or polished, stone is always trendy and easy to insert into any context, as well as giving a strong appeal to nature and its unique characteristics.

No longer simple divisions, walls go towards new frontiers, “dressing up” with the most varied materials, colours and shades with the aim of making homes cosier and more welcoming.


What is reconstructed stone

Reconstructed stone is an artificial material that reproduces faithfully the natural appearance of stone. It is therefore a man-made stone but aestetically perfect, man-made stone, provided with all the advantages of reconstructed stone.

One of its main strongpoints is its thickness: its weight makes it lighter and easier to install, compared to natural stone.

Furthermore, it can be used in various environments, both indoor and outdoor. It has the advantage too of being installed on different surfaces such as cement, plasterboards, wooden walls…and even on surfaces where natural stone normally encounters laying difficulties.

This type of reconstituted stone is defined as reconstructed due to the wet cast process from which it is obtained: starting from raw materials, as waste of natural stones, a mixture is developed and, with the aid of cement as a binder, it is poured into moulds shaped from real natural stones, thus allowing a faithful reproduction.


Is reconstructed stone ecofriendly?

Not always!

Not all the claddings made of reconstructed stone are ecofriendly products. You often associate the label “ecofriendly” to natural products, but it is not so! It might seem a contradiction, but “ecofriendly” should only be referred to all those materials that do not damage or ruin the environment, nor are harmful to human health.

Natural stone and veneer stone are not eco friendly products: this is due, for example, to the emission of the radioactive gas Radon and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

The good news is that most of these raw materials can be recovered and used for the production of Biopietra. Amongst the most common is the waste material coming from the manufacturing process of marble and porphyry as well as from sand and gravel, usable to manufacture reconstructed materials with excellent technical characteristics.




BIOPIETRA is a unique stone!

It is the only certified stone for Bioarchitecture and is entirely Made in Italy!

Here it is explained in a few but clear points what makes Biopietra different and better than others, as well as a list of technical advantages that you can find in the following paragraphs or in the dedicated page:

–  Biopietra stone and brick products are all certified by external accredited parties (ANAB, ICEA) and not simply limited to a “self declaration” without giving verifiable proof of documents. Biopietra manufactures its products with raw material derived from natural stone, but strictly recuperated by material disposed of from previous processes. Anyone can declare this process but it is precisely for this reason that a third party certifies that the product carries out periodic checks and that the supplier gives proof of what is declared.

–  The cement binder used is certified, according to current restrictions; only one type of cement fall into this category.

–  Essential and most important condition of all: it is not possible to use chemical products or derivatives within the mixture to make certifiable products. In the same way the coloration/dyeing is not obtained through chemical paints or simply “brushed” onto the surface, but through the process called mass coloration, that guarantees the colours unalterability over time (also to atmospheric agents), besides it being a process certified according to Bio architectural parameters.

This aspect is very important: it guarantees that the products are 100% eco-friendly and that they are not harmful for human health nor for our Planet.

Biopietra has been manufacturing in Italy for over 30 years certified, eco-friendly materials for the Green Building Industry. So be wary of false declaration not verified by accredited institutions, that you can easily check on the web or on our page dedicated to certifications.




a true ecological awareness

Biopietra’s mission is to encourage living and working in healthy and salubrious buildings. Architectural projects have come to prefer recyclable materials, seeking to create buildings perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment.

When you talk about Bioarchitecture, you talk about prevention and safeguarding the environment. The building is in fact designed to give wellness, inspired by a rational and efficient use of alternative energetic resources and recycled materials available on the territory.



A few of Biopietra's Technical advantages

Biopietra has unique characteristics.

All of Biopietra’s Collections are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy and are a decorative product adding value to every space: kitchens to living rooms, bedrooms to façades, including the restoration and refurbishment of antique walls. Even restaurants, shops, wellness centres and tailor-made solutions for original projects. Check out our projects!

Amongst its characteristics one of the most important is the compactness. Differently from other materials used for claddings (such as gypsum), Biopietra’s products do not crumble, as they are binded with high-quality cement and are extremely resistant to impacts as well as atmospheric agents such as frost – 100 freezing-thawing cycles according to UNI EN ISO – and such as solar beams, which guarantee the unalterability and the continuity of colour over time.

These characteristics make Biopietra ideal for external areas where the air presents an high percentage of salinity (e.g. salty air on seasides) or in those highly-polluted areas, like cities.

Biopietra is the perfect choice for long-term projects both for indoor and outdoor: the lightness, the ease of cleaning and the quickness of installation make Biopietra also ideal for “do-it-yourself” projects and ready to be delivered worldwide. The production of 90° corners, perfectly cut during the manufacturing process and available in different measurements, simplify the installation even more.

Biopietra’s products have A1 class fireproof properties, promote sound insulation and are highly transpirant (µ 20): this means that the absence of mould and allergens and the protection from humidity is guaranteed, thanks to the protective surface treatment BIOFIN.

This makes it a hygienic and healthy material, ideal for any space in your house: we guarantee the absence of radioactive gas Radon, the absence of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other toxic substances caused by chemical resins.

Check the page dedicated to Laboratory Testing.

Check the page dedicated to Biopietra’s Advantages and Benefits.

Today it is essential to remember that every purchase influences the environment in which we live and work. A new ecological awareness is spreading throughout the world in the form of a renewed attention towards the relationship Mankind-Planet, in which a healthy lifestyle of the first perfectly integrates with safeguarding the latter..

Choosing Biopietra means having the guarantee of a healthy and certified product, that bring architectural projects to an exclusive level.

Biopietra offers cladding solutions manufactured with ecofriendly materials, certified for Bioarchitecture, decorating your home safeguarding the environment and respecting our wellbeing.

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