Radon emissions: an in-depth analysis

Radon is a natural radioactive gas emitted from soil and some building materials.

It is considered the second leading cause of death from lung cancer after smoking (G.U. 276 del 27/11/2001 S.O. n. 252). 

In our work places and in any other indoor spaces radon gas can accumulate and reach harmful concentrations. 

For this reason, the European Union and the Italian Government have issued a series of regulatory actions to protect the health of the population (Euratom Recommendation 143/90) and the workplace (Decree No. 230-95 as supplemented in Chapter III-bis from 241 / 2000). 

Biopietra ® claddings do not contain radon and are transpiring and bio-certified.


Zero radon emissions

According to the principles of domotherapy Biopietra ® is the ideal solution to naturally regenerate the environment in which we live.