Regenerate Yourself at Home

It is at home that we find the harmony that also comes from the environment that surrounds us


Throughout our lives we spend most of our time in closed spaces.

To make our environment healthier and eco-friendly, Biopietra® has been researching for over 35 years the quality of an all-Italian production that ensures the absence of formaldehyde and harmful Radon gas emissions and protects human health.

Only with Biopietra® you can rediscover the sensations and the charm of natural stone combined with all the qualities of an innovative material: white cement-based for the best light refraction, rich colour range, extreme personalization.


Biopietra® is love and respect for nature and man.


Some data is needed to understand the importance: According to WHO, a European citizen spends 90% of his life on buildings on average, where the air he breathes is twice worse than the one outside.