Industry 4.0


Biopietra has been manufacturing in Italy since 1998 and ever since research and development have been an integral part of its mission. Innovating production processes means guaranteeing quality, thanks to the industrialization of the product itself. The continuous investments in technology, have made Biopietra achieve results that were considered impossible to obtain before: creating an innovative automated line with five new robots working together to create a certified BIO architectural product that respects both the environment and the health of those who use it in Residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

Leonardo, Canova, Picasso, Michelangelo, Archimede and Newton are their names! All of them are focused on manufacturing Biopietra stone veneer in the currently available shapes and colours and to “invent” new solutions.

How does the production 4.0 take place? The software system is based on Biopietra’s philosophy: a basic idea far from any standardization that enables to manufacture certified products for bio-building. The result is a completely revolutionary know-how where robots collaborate and learn thanks to an integrated computing system that makes these machines intelligent, reaching the finest end performance.

The robots mix, cure, create shades of colour, pour, level, palletize, move, position and control … this is Industry 4.0, a technological hub that creates Biopietra stone products.

The processed data is exchanged from all the plant stations, allowing to get a historical tracking of the data and then trace back to every working phase that the product has undergone. This allows to have a real-time control of the entire production process, from raw material to the finished product.


The robotic team is also careful of sustainability and energy saving, whilst remaining in stand-by when the workload is less and paying attention as to not doing unnecessary movements that are the cause of energy waste.

The entire team works with these innovative machines to manufacture what is now Biopietra: a certified green product for your home.