“Green building applies criteria in order to obtain a healthy, natural, sustainable living environment, attractive building materials and forms of environments in addition to ecological, economic and social aspects.”


This is the original idea that could be considered for any green building. ANAB (Italian National Association for Green Building) has provided a translation into Italian of the 25 principles of Green Building of the German IBN (Institut für Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit IBN – Rosenheim) institute which has set the objective of putting an extended decalogue so that ecological certifications can be achieved effectively.







The 25 points are subdivided into 5 large equally important macro-topics which should be given the appropriate attention, interacting in a way that optimises their application in a specific individual situation.

Biopietra S.r.l. is committed to observing these principles. All our solutions are ecological and have been developed for the wellbeing of clients. They are produced with eco-compatible materials certified for green building and always with a view to aesthetics and innovation.



(Fonte: anab.it)

Biopietra wins the award for Italian excellence

“Leadership in Business and Sustainability”

GBC Italia Awards 2018