The article outlines the exciting new project that has just recently been accomplished and has so become a reality that we are very proud to share with you: a resort with a wine cellar on the beautiful hills of Varignana, Italy that entirely blends in with nature and its surroundings.

Why was Biopietra chosen for such a prestigious and unique project?

Biopietra was chosen by the designer to create specific choreographies, which perfectly imitate the old bricks and stones of this typical landscape. An environment where past and present come together in an architectural union, effectively interpreting the concept that combines sustainability, design and comfort.

The element that makes the difference is that Biopietra is sustainable and manufactures materials that protect the environment and human health, offering the public an entire package based on the principle of healthiness and ecology.

Biopietra claddings give the environment an elegant, traditional and cosy tyle thanks to the lightly shaded bio architectural stones, that perfectly integrate with the surrounding natural environment.



The external wall is made up of the Mix Castel San Pietro, specifically made and tailor made to the requirements of the architect for this unique project.

The wine cellar is covered with Biopietra Listello Toscana Rosso Vintage, which you can find in the Traditional Stone Claddings Collection


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