Biopietra offers a new interpretation of material and of its shapes by fully re-inventing the relation with light. Ecofriendly materials communicate with the light in an ever changing game: the light brings the materials to life, they reflect it and generate shiny reflexes in any condition with natural or artificial light, even in the dark. Biopietra Luminance offers chromotherapy by regenerating body and mind with light.

Biopietra Sirio, part of Prestige Collection, creates a new decorating vision, in which the artistic dimension of the product accompanies the eco-sustainability of the materials. it enhances the fusion with artistic elements and items in iron, creating a new style of home living.

As all of Biopietra’s products, Sirio is an ecofriendly certified fireproof stone.


Colour range
Flat piece 0.85 m² 32.40 kg/m² 27.60 kg ~ 48 x 10 cm 24 boxes 20.40 m² 682 kg
Corners 1.00 LM 14.00 kg/LM 14.00 kg 21 x 9 x 10 cm 24 boxes 24.00 LM 357 kg