Biopietra is a green certified industry at the forefront of production technology
Biopietra’s products combine together the attention towards the environment with a highly-automated production site; the production cycle is optimized for energy consumption, reducing as much as possible the impact and use of materials. Manufacturing by safeguarding the environment, creating the perfect balance between economical value and the protection of our Planet. This is Biopietra’s mission.
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A sustainable development is possible. The road undergone by Biopietra is a challenge that has already given great results: its elegant and high quality products respect the environment; they have no harmful emissions for human health (such as radioactive gas Radon) and they are ecological, certified by external laboratories and authorities. Furthermore, Biopietra manufacturesaccording to UN Global Compact principles: a constant activity in order to safeguard the environment and protect Mankind.
A strategic commitment unique in the world. Biopietra is amongst the few companies being certified according to ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) standards and verified by ANAB (National Association of Bioecological Architecture). Biopietra’s products enable one to obtain LEED Credits (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which are certified by external authorities as well, and is a member of the Green Building Council Italy, part of the United States Green Building Council, a global network for bioarchitecture. A certified product is a guarantee of aesthetical excellence but most of all it safeguards health.
A 4.0 green Industry. Innovation is not just merely a word: Biopietra has been committed to the industrialization of its production for over many years. Connecting Man and robots in order to increase efficiency and safety in the workplace. Industry 4.0 is already here!